Rapid Shutdown Device


香蕉黄色网站 The Rapid Shutdown Devices are certified to the UL 1741 PV inverter standard and comply to all 2014 National Electrical Code 690.2 Rapid Shutdown requirements. packaged inside NEMA 4X enclosures that fit neatly under the modules. When AC power to the building is cut, the RSD(s) will force the PV array to shut down.

Rapid Shutdown Device

Leading Features

  • No interference with AFCI functionality of Solis inverters
  • Pre-wired MC4 connectors for positive, watertight connections
  • Certified to UL1741 standard and compliant with 2014 NEC 690.12 rapid shutdown
  • NEMA 4X enclosure, conformal-coated internal components and a wide operating temperature range
  • Available in either single channel output or dual channel output allowing for perfect alignment with the number of MPPT channels in the inverter system
  • Low profile design allows for easy positioning under the PV module


DC Values

  • Maximum input and output voltage(volts):
  • DC input voltage range(volts):
  • Maximum number of PV source circuits:
    1or 2 input/1 output
  • Maximum input/output current(amps):
  • Maximum short circuit current(amps):
  • DC input/output cable whips:
    PV wire with MC4 locking connectors
  • DC input / output wire size:
    AWG #12 to #6
  • Ground wire size:
    AWG #10 to #6

AC Values

  • Rated AC input voltage(volts):
  • Rated AC input current(amps):
  • Rated frequency(hertz):
  • AC control wire size:
    AWG #18 to #10
  • Maximum AC fuse rating(amps):


  • Ambient temperature range:
    -13 to 158°F (-25 to 65°C)
  • Enclosure type:
    NEMA 4X
  • Status indicator:
    Rail-mount plate (WEEB Compatible)
  • Efficiency:
  • Response time:
    <2 seconds
  • Dimension(l*w*h):
    10.3*9.4*2.36in (262*240*60mm)
  • Weight:
    5.1 lbs (2.3 kgs)
  • Warranty:
    10 Year
  • Certification&safety standard compliance:
    Ul1741, FCC Part 15 Class B, NEC 690.12
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